About Us

We were introduced to the industry at a young age. Our Dad became a video producer in the 80's and our fascination with it all started there. When most kids were playing computer games, we were filming our own shows and films, then getting Dad to help us edit them.

After studying at art college, Simon went straight in to gaining on set experience, operating cameras for Children's BBC. He then proceeded to gain camera work on concert tours, music videos, and high profile events. During this time he continued cultivating his interest in the graphic arts, especially animation and motion graphics.

Matt dove straight into an in-house editor role with an events management company before moving on to a contract with HSBC, improving and modernising their video output. Following this, Matt maintained a successful freelance career producing work for a variety of high profile clients.

After many years freelancing independently we finally saw what we could offer as a team, combining our skills, our shared experience and a passion for the industry that we grew up with.