Terms & Conditions

Cost estimates

1. Project estimates are valid for 30 days at the quoted rate.
2. All estimates are based on recommendation, and should be used as guidance only.
3. Any additional services, required as a result of changes to the project brief or circumstances beyond Reynolds Brothers control, will be chargeable at our standard rates.
4. Reynolds Brothers standard rates can be found on the company's Rate Card. These production rates will be reviewed every 90 days and are subject to change. Please contact us for the latest version.

Payment and Project Agreement

1. In most cases a 50% deposit is required in advance of starting a project. This amount can be reduced to 25% in higher budget projects.
2. A project agreement will be provided alongside all deposit invoices. The agreement will summarise the projects key deliverables and may list additional terms and conditions related to that project.
3. Payment of the deposit by the client indicates full acceptance of Reynolds Brothers terms and conditions as well as any additional terms and conditions laid out within in the project agreement. This forms the basis of a contract between Reynolds Brothers and the Client. All deposits are non-refundable in most circustances as deposits are used to fund pre-production aspects of a given project.
4. If the project production period lasts longer then one calendar month, then a milestone payment will be due at an amount agreed by the Client and Reynolds Brothers. In most cases this will be 50% of the remaining balance.
5. Payment thereafter is due on completion and delivery of the project, with a 7 day grace period from the invoice date. Payments can be accepted through bank transfer only.

Project Amendments & Changes

1. All videos are entitled to two complimentary rounds of reasonable changes and amendments, with a final round for quality assurance and preparation for delivery to the Client.
2. Any further changes or work required that fall outside of the original brief and/or project agreement will be chargeable at our standard rates.


1. By cancelling a project after agreeing Reynolds Brothers terms, and paying the deposit, the Client will forfeit the full deposit and incur any production costs up to the point of cancellation.
2. In some cases a deposit may be held against a further work with the Client, for example in the case of the project being postponed temporarily. 3.Reynolds Brothers cannot be held responsible for weather and other 'acts of god'. If an already commenced shoot day becomes usuitable for further work due to weather or other circumstances. That shoot day will still incur all appropriate costs, including but not limited to labour, equipment hire, travel expenses, and talent costs.

Property Rights

1. Reynolds Brothers retains all property rights on any media content produced, unless otherwise stated in the project agreement.
2. Property rights and licencing of any third party content will be outlined separately in the project agreement.
3. Reynolds Brothers reserves the right to use any created media to promote themselves, unless otherwise agreed in the project agreement, a signed NDA, or non-compete clause.
4. Unless otherwise set out in the project agreement, all source project files and raw footage remain the property of Reynolds Brothers. Handing over project files along with ownership rights to the Client will incur a charge of 25% of the total project cost, along with associated hard-drive and postage costs if applicable. Raw footage can be provided at a cost, at a rate to be agreed between Reynolds Brothers and the client.
5. Property rights are defined as:

"Full Copyright": Copyright granted on media under the terms listed above.
"Limited Copyright": Copyright granted for media but limited by conditions outlined in the agreement.
"Full Copyright + NDA": Copyright transferred to the Client for a set period of time or indefinitely.

Project archival

1. All projects and their associated files and assets are archived by Reynolds Brothers indefinitely.
2. Although all measures will be taken to preserve archived project data, Reynolds Brothers cannot be held responsible for loss of data through hardware failure, fire, or theft.